What Type of Bollard Do I Need?

pipe bollard

As a responsible business owner or manager in any company, you should research a new product before investing in it for your store. If the product is for safety purposes, then doing research has the utmost importance. You may decide that bollards are the most suitable option to protect your business. But there are many options in the market, and you need to investigate to find the suitable one.

However, we have discussed various types of bollards in this article. At the end of this article, you may get a basic concept about every type. In addition to this, if you already have selected a particular type like pipe bollard and want to buy that, then contact any expert pipe seller.

Removable Bollards

Looking for flexibility? Then a removable bollard is suitable for you. You can remove it from your property to get additional space. Moreover, you can also use it to prevent vehicle access and for delineation.

Pipe Bollards

If you want to purchase durable bollards at a cheaper price, then go for a pipe bollard. In general, people use it to mark pedestrian-friendly areas. Keep in mind that this type of bollard does not prevent vehicle accidents.

Permanent Bollards

As the name suggests, this bollard is extremely sturdy. This can protect any property by warning people and their cars if they want to pass through a limited access space.

Lighted Bollards

This type of bollard can secure pathways for walkways, entrances, or other areas. It is also great to illuminate pathways. You should check whether the bollard is rated. Otherwise, it is not a good choice for protection.

Automatic Bollards

If you want to control and access it easily, then an automatic bollard is the most appropriate one. You can raise or lower it without changing anything manually. If you have a tight schedule and no time to spare, then this robust security measure is perfect for you.

High Impact Security Bollards

This type of collar can protect the property and people during a vehicle crash. Drivers cannot drive large vehicles at a high speed. As a result, it prevents damage.

Secure and Manage Traffic Flow

Nowadays, many people use bollards to ensure security in commercial and private property, protect assets and manage traffic flow. Knowing what you want and what your requirement is the main point while choosing the right kind of bollards. If you want to purchase quality products like pipe bollard, then contact Bison Pipe & Supply.