Top 4 Fencing Options for Cattle

pipe fencing for cattle

You may get confused while choosing the right fencing for your cows because of the plethora of options. The best fencing material is that which lasts for a long time, keeps the cows secure and is budget-friendly. But there are a few factors including material availability, durability and general land terrain that can have an impact on your final decision.

If you want to purchase pipe fencing for cattle, then contact an expert from this field. We have described a handful of types of pipes in this article so that you can pick the best one among the options.

High Tensile Fixed-knot Wire Fencing

This type of fencing is popular due to its durability. This product is made of high tensile fixed-knot wire which lasts for many years. You don’t need to repair or replace it frequently. High tensile wire fencing keeps the livestock, especially the cows safe and keeps the hogs and predators at bay. Though this fencing has several advantages, it is really expensive.

Electric Fence

If you want to prevent the cattle from leaning on the fence, then it is the best product you should buy. This fence is made of wire and posts but the unique feature of it is electricity. Electric current flows through the wire. If the animals come in contact with the fencing, then they get a jolt through the wires. But don’t be afraid, it is not harmful to animals at all.

Hinged Joint Fencing

No doubt, it is one of the best fences for cattle. The structure of the fence is not complex, and it is made of wooden posts. If you have a vast number of livestock on your farm that needs to be kept safe, then go for this fencing. In general, you can purchase hinged joint fencing at a reasonable price, but it needs regular maintenance to stay in shape.


This is the most popular choice among the farm owners. This type of wire consists of two twisted wires. Sharp barbs are attached to it after every few centimeters on the wires. Before purchasing the fence, you can select the number of strands.

Cattles are Your Assets – Protect Them

In a word, there is no need to follow a one size fits all approach when choosing the fencing for cattle. It is up to you which one to choose to ensure protection and effectiveness. To get more information about pipe fencing for cattle, contact Bison Pipe & Supply.