Top 5 Reasons to Select the Ideal Agricultural Piping Systems

agricultural irrigation pipe

No doubt, water is one of the essential ingredients in the agricultural sector. Having a low or high amount of water in the field can ruin the crops and lead to food deficiency. Just like we need food to survive, healthy crops also require a significant amount of water. Only a proper irrigation system can ensure the water supply. To function correctly, you should install high-quality agricultural irrigation pipes.

Selecting the correct type of pipes is a bit complex because manufacturers make them per their customers’ requirements. The piping system works better when there is a continuous flow of water. Let’s dive into the discussion of why selecting the right kind of piping system is extremely important for healthy crops.

Extreme Weather Condition

We know that agricultural irrigation pipes often expose to harsh weather conditions, including scorching summer, heavy rain and high humidity. Suitable quality pipes can be sturdy and last for years to come. Not only that but also, they can withstand rough on-site conditions due to plowing and digging.

Water Conversation

Good agricultural irrigation pipes ensure smooth water flow, even when the pressure is low. As a result, the farmers don’t need to work hard to get water throughout the area. The pipes have smooth inner surfaces that ensure no interruption while flowing the water. They also have leakage-free joints to prevent unnecessary water wastage. From that point of view, it is pretty eco-friendly, don’t you agree?

Broad Range

This type of piping system generally ranges from 20mm to 400mm and fittings from 20mm to 315mm for installation. Therefore, farmers can customize the overall pipe installation to get uninterrupted water flow.

Growth of Bacteria

A sufficient water supply creates a wholesome environment for bacterial growth, which compromises the pipe’s effectiveness and impacts the water quality. But high-quality agricultural irrigation pipes do not allow bacterial growth. The smooth inner surface doesn’t allow it to form algae.


Remember before purchasing that metal has a short lifespan due to corrosion. On the other hand, steel pipes last for many years without compromising quality.

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Long gone are the days when people used to depend upon only nature to get plenty of water but now, having agricultural irrigation pipes this is no more a trouble. It is an open secret to getting healthy crops on time. However, contact us at Bison Pipe & Supply to get quality pipes for your cultivation.