The Life of Pipelines: How Long Will They Stay Strong?

pipes for irrigation

The pipelines are the veins and arteries of the farming industry. The irrigation system entirely depends upon these pipelines. Because of these pipelines, the farmers get to water their crops and provide us with valuable food.

If you are a farmer, this have got to be one of the essential things in your life. Because without them, you would not be able to do your job correctly. So, if you are planning to buy some of them to build your pipeline, you must read this article to find out about the tentative age of those pipes. This would allow you to plan better for the near or distant future.

Things to Consider When Determining the Age of the Pipes for Irrigation

The Material

The most crucial aspect you need to consider is the material the pipes are made of.

  1. Copper: Copper piping has been popular among American farmers for quite some time. The reason why the farmers love them so much is the strength of the pipes. Some of the copper-based pipelines from the early days are still in working condition even after 70-80 years. That is why many farmers are trying to get copper pipes for their irrigation systems.
  2.  Galvanized Steel: Galvanized steel has the perfect feats for irrigation pipes. We all know steel is a solid metal, which is why the pipes hold their ground for quite some time. At the same time, the galvanization protects the pipes from getting rust even after staying in touch with water all day. Because of such feats, some of the galvanized steel pipes even last longer than 100 years.
  3. PVC: The usage of PVC has increased a lot among modern American farmers. The key reason behind that is the low price and the flexibility. However, they are nowhere near as strong as pipes made of copper and steel. They only last about 25-40 years.
  4. External Damages: No matter which type of pipe you use, if the pipeline suffers from a significant external blow, the pipe’s lifetime would be cut considerably. Let us take rodent activities as an example. If the rodents are incredibly active in your area, they might try to damage your pipes. However, they would most likely not be able to do any severe harm considering the robustness of the materials used in irrigation pipes. All they would be able to do is make some minor scratches that will not affect the pipe’s lifetime.

Get Your Irrigation Pipes Now

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