Some Important Facts About Pipe Fencing for Your Farm

pipe fencing for cattle

Every farmer must have sturdy fences all around their property. That ensures their farm is safe from intruders- humans or wild animals. Therefore, choosing the right type of fence is essential. Most farmers opt for pipe fencing for cattle safety and to keep wild animals at bay.

They decide on these pipes because they come in various styles and you can use them for many different purposes. A pipe fence can help you make your property look classy and beautiful. You can even consider installing various types of wire on your enclosure. You have many options for getting a pipe fence, so knowing essential points about it is necessary.

Which One is Good- New or Old Pipe?

First, you must understand if you should get an old or new pipe for your pipe fence for the cattle gate. When you hear about used piping, it might not seem like a good option. Although that’s not true, you must be careful when choosing a used pipe.

Used pipes come from oilfields where they are no longer considered fit. So, those pipes can possibly have rust, flaking or other damage. You also need to check the inside for wear and tear. Furthermore, you have a high chance of getting pipes in good condition for being used as fences and you’ll get them at a lower price than a new one. Used tubes are also readily available.

On the other hand, a new pipe fence for the cattle gate is also a good option as it can last a lifetime. The new one has better wall thickness and no weakened areas. No doubt, a these pipes for fencing provides you with better longevity and value.

Looking at Some Categories of Pipe

Specific categories define a pipe’s usability for the fence, like:

Good- These pipes do not have any damage and have no un-welded seams.

Secondary- These pipes have some cosmetic flaws and you get them in random lengths.

Reject- These are pipes with more than one defect, but the rejection criteria of such piping products differ from mill to mill.

Some Benefits of Pipe Fences for Cattle Gates

Here are some common pros of pipe fences for cattle gates:

Cattle Will be More Secure- Using a pipe fence for the cattle gate ensure that all your livestock stay safe and secure. It not only keeps your lovelies inside but also keeps all the wild animals away from them.

Last More than Other Fences- Another great advantage of such pipe is its fantastic durability. However, you must ensure you choose the best option for your fence.

Easier to Maintain- Maintaining a pipe fence for the cattle gate is much easier as it does not require harsh chemicals. You can easily clean it with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

Improves Curb Appeal- Pipe fences come in many different geometric shapes, which can increase your farm’s curb appeal. You can choose any color and finish coat to make it look unique.

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