The Correct Height of the Gate: Higher or Lower Than the Fence?

steel pipe farm gates

Gates are a very crucial part of the security of your farm. One mistake, and you will invite the vandalists into your property. That is why people are challenged by several questions when it comes to installing a new gate. One among them is ‘should the gate be the same height as the fence?’ In this article, we will look for the answer to this question with the help of steel pipe farm gates professionals.

The Factors to be Considered While Selecting a Steel Pipe Farm Gate

According to leading industry professionals, these are some of the most important things you must consider while selecting your gate.


Many think a shorter gate and a fence might make their home look better. But doing that will make it easier for someone to cross the gate and enter the compound. This will increase the chances of vandalism. Heels, it is almost a security necessity to match the height of your gates with your friends.


You cannot just think about the safety factors in the selection process. Though for some houses, a smaller gate than the fence looks good, they provide a very uneven and inconsistent look in most cases. You do not want that for your home. Hence it will be smart to get a gate of the same height as your fence.


It is obvious that a higher pipe gate is more difficult to climb than a shorter one. So, having a gate of the same height as your fence would greatly increase the safety factors.


You must have heard that bigger is better at some point in your life. Though the statement is not true in every aspect, it aligns well with our discussion. With the larger gate, the strength will also increase accordingly. This extra strength can be vital if someone breaks into your house.

Added Home Values

Many do not love the idea of buying homes that have a shorter gate than the fence. They think it harms the aesthetics of the house. If you are trying to sell your home to such a person, your pipe gates could cause you to lose a hefty amount of money.


If you have a gate lower than the fence, the chances of someone from the outside peeking into your home will be very high. You can stop that by installing a gate made of solid material the same height as your fence. Now you can enjoy your privacy and shake the peeping toms away.

Appoint a Bison at Your Gate

Now that you know about the different perks of having a gate as tall as the fence, the time is here to buy the gates. And what better place to look for than Bison Pipe? Here you will get some of the best steel pipe farm gates options at the most affordable rates. We also have some of the latest designs. Call us now and get in touch with our executives to boost the security of your home.