The Complete Guide to Using Cattle Guards with Bump Gates

pipe fencing for cattle

Cattle guards, also known as cattle grids, are one of the most effective methods of preventing cattle from passing through a certain area. It is one of the most advanced arrangements of pipe fencing for cattle that is used widely worldwide on sides of railway tracks, roads, and many other places. But what these cattle guards work best with is the bump gates. Paired together, they are one of the best options for farm gates. So, if you are a farm owner or worker, read this article carefully and build the most hassle-free yet one of the safest methods of protecting your farm.

What Are Cattle Guards?

Cattle guards are an arrangement of a few parallel pipes that cover a depression in the road. Because of this arrangement, the cattle fail to set foot on the grid. It is one of the most effective ways of stopping cattle from going somewhere.

Benefits of Using Pipe Fencing for Cattle Guards

These are some of the main benefits of using pipe fencing cattle guards.

  • If you install a cattle guard beneath your farm door, it will not affect your mobility. Your vehicles’ feet and tires can easily pass over the arrangements of the pipes. But that will not be the case for your cattle as their shiny and slippery hooves cannot make a strong grip when placed over circular artifacts like the pipes.
  • Usually, pipes made of metals like iron and steel are used for these types of ranch fencing. These pipes have quite an affordable price range, making it easier for you to install them without spending a lot of money.
  • The cattle guard pipes are arranged so that the hooves of your cattle do not get stuck in them. As a result, even if your horse finds itself near the guard, the guard will not harm him.

What Is a Bump Gate, and Why Does It Go Well with Cattle Guards?

Do you ever feel that it would be much better if the gates of your farm or house opened automatically when you leave? Wouldn’t that save a lot of effort and make it easier for you when you go out? If you also feel like that, then a bump gate is the best option for your farm.

Bump gates look and function like normal gates until you try to go out of them using a car. It is a drive-through gate that can be opened by pushing it lightly using the front of the car. After that, the gate keeps going forward as you keep accelerating. Once your vehicle has passed through the gate, it moves back to its original position and locks itself.

If a cattle guard is placed right under a bump gate, the cattle will not be able to push the bump gate open and leave the farm. It is one of the most efficient arrangements of ranch fencing that provides maximum convenience and safety to your animals.

Call Bison for Piping Needs

As you have already learned about one of the safest and most useful models of farm gates, the time is here to build your own. Contact Bison Pipe to get the best materials for pipe fencing for cattle. With our help, you can now protect your animals and indulge your laziness simultaneously.