Picking the Most Suitable Farm Gate Among Various Types

metal farm gates

Can you imagine any farm work occurring without the support of reliable farm gates? Most farm owners look for metal farm gates for two big reasons:

  • Keeping Predators Away
  • Keeping Livestock Safe

If one overlooks to ensure these qualities, things might get uncomfortable and expensive in the long run. So, we are here to show you the way to strength and safety.

You can look at numerous heavy-duty farm gates and pick the one that suits your requirements. Let’s start with the commonly available farm gate types and their features.

Going Through the Farm Gate Types

Starting with Stock Gates– Do you know the primary purpose behind the stock gate installation? They intend to restrict the movement of livestock. You will notice variations in strength levels in different gates. For example, animals with aggression require something sturdy. On the other hand, docile livestock can manage something lightweight.

The Need for Sliding Gates– When you don’t get enough space for swing gates, the sliding mechanism can be helpful. And in the case of sharply inclined driveways, these sliding gates will ensure better functionality.

Here are the standard models to note:

  • Cantilever Variation
  • Track Variation

The first option remains elevated and does not touch the ground. Do we have any benefit to recognize? It helps to restrict the gate jamming issue in flooding situations.

Witnessing the Importance of Panel Gates: As the name suggests, these gate options comprise designs that resemble box-like panels. Here are the three common types you should remember:

  • Heavy Duty
  • Corral
  • Handy

The first option manages livestock movement control during the training sessions. Handy panels are the ideal fit for low-pressure containment. And finally, we have heavy-duty panels that ensure the protection of aggressive animals.

Getting in Touch with Metal Farm Gates

With the arrival of metal farm gates, the durability and reliability aspects go sky high. Among the various metal types, steel has a beneficial role to play. Its irresistible strength is what helps to fight severe weather conditions.

Factors like cost-effectiveness and longevity pull the attention of farm owners toward steel farm gate types.

What about Tubular Gates?

With the support of metal tubing assortment, one can establish tubular gates. The patterns usually follow asymmetrical and coiled structures with a hollow metal frame on top. These piping gates have the composition of zinc coating and galvanized steel.

What’s the Need for Piping Gates? These gate options are vital for facing the adversities of weather fluctuations.

The Subtle Art of Choosing the Appropriate Gate

The Livestock You Have: While choosing the metal farm gates, you must pay attention to the livestock you own. If your farm has large-sized animals, they need more space to roam freely. However, with smaller animals, it’s better to go for sturdier and tighter gates to prevent them from escaping.

The Equipment Usage: Large-sized gates are great for farming operations involving equipment like telehandlers. On the flip side, you should opt for smaller metal farm gates if you have manual tools.

The Key Takeaway

If the fencing and gate requirements still exist, we have Bison Pipe to meet your needs. You can utilize our gates for the following purposes:

  • Equestrian Facilities
  • Property Perimeters
  • Livestock Containment

Don’t leave a space for queries. Let our team resolve your issues.