Know About the Advantages of Retractable Bollards

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If you install bollards in your parking lot or in front of your building, it will provide a great of directing your traffic for protecting your property. There are various options when it comes to the design as well as function which you need to keep in mind while choosing pipe bollards. Out of all the options, one which is the best choice can be the retractable bollard.

Know About the Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards are something that can be retracted into the ground if you are not using it. When raised, bollards work as the barrier, especially for large vehicles. However, when it is lowered towards the ground, it seems that bollards are not even there. One thing that you should know is bollards are available in automatic as well as manual varieties.

What Are the Advantages Of The Retractable Bollards?

There are multiple advantages that you can get from retractable bollards. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from retractable bollards.

  • Provides Controlled Access

There is a difference between retractable bollards and bollard models since they give controlled access to any given area. For example, there is an area restricted for the general public; however, it allows the employees. If you want, you can install retractable bollards near the entrance in that area.

With the retractable bollards near the entrance, especially for the areas that are multi-use, lowering the bollards for indicating the general access and putting them up will indicate that it is a restricted area. Thus, pipe bollards in this way are definitely one of the versatile options.

  • Helps in Separating the Traffic

Putting up retractable bollards in your property helps in separating as well as controlling traffic. Moreover, bollards help in creating clear boundaries for the vehicles and prevents driving them in restricted areas. On top of that, the retractable pipe bollards are sturdy. Vehicles, on seeing bollards, will never cross the border.

  • Helps in Protecting Pedestrians and Properties

The benefit of using retractable bollards is the ability to safeguard pedestrians and property. Areas having high foot traffic, including a line of bollards is definitely a wise idea since it creates a barrier between vehicles, property, and pedestrians.

Pipe Bollards Can Save Your Day

Pipe bollards can be a worthwhile investment. At Bison Pipes, we provide quality bollards that you protect your property robustly.  Maintaining a distance from the traffic will be easier too. Contact our manufacturers now.