What Benefits Does A Pool Fence Offer?

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Imagine it is a dreary summer afternoon in Idaho. The heat leaves you drowsy and unable to function well, but then you remember you have a pool to chill in for a while. Such a relief, right? But with pools come necessary safety precautions.

Pool fences are the ideal way to keep your children and pets safe. They also keep the pool clean. With the numerous new ranges that fence supplies come in, you even get to pick your look.

6 Reasons A Pool Fence Is A Good Idea

Keeps Kids And Pets Safe

If your household consists of young children, pets, or even adults who can’t swim, a pool can be a potential hazard. Fencing your pool effectively adds an extra layer of protection. Many fences come with self-locking mechanisms and keep your kids and pets safe even when you are not around to supervise.

Fences Maintain Privacy

Some people may want a little privacy to enjoy their pool time. It is completely understandable if you don’t want neighbors and passersby to see you tanning in your bathing suit. Installing a fence around your pool will keep their prying eyes away. It also keeps your kids safe from predators.

It Is Required by Law

Being extremely accident-prone, several states have mandated for homeowners to install a pool fence. Idaho state law for one requires pool owners to install a fence of at least 48 inches in height fitted with a self-latching mechanism. The fence also shall not have gaps more than 4 inches wide.

Avail Insurance Coverage

Many insurance companies only provide liability coverage if the pool at your home is fenced. In fact, the insurer will also need you to provide ample proof that the fence has been installed keeping all safety protocols in place. Some companies offer a discount on the home insurance on installing a pool fence since you are essentially adding extra security measures.

Add An Element of Style

At Bison Pipes, our fence supplies come in myriad colors, styles, and aesthetics and you get to simply choose a design that speaks to you. Along with added safety and security, pool fences also let you flaunt your unique style. The fences can even be customized to add a touch of snazz.

Convenient And Easy to Use

Pool fences win against nets and covers due to the ease of use. Fences are hassle-free and only take a few seconds to open and close. They are also relatively low effort. Winter approaching? Lock up the pool until the sweet summer sun is out again. You don’t even have to worry about maintenance.

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