A Comparative Discussion Between Metal Gates And Wooden Gates

metal farm gates

The importance and benefits of gates in farming is undeniable. There are different types of gates including metal farm gates and timber gates that you can choose from. Gates keep your animals safe and protected. Also, gates help you in keeping the sections such as pens, pastures, orchards, etc. segregated. Since you will find mostly metal or timber gates, here we have jotted down a comparative discussion between these two types of gates. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each metal and timber gates.

Why Do You Need Metal Gates?

The most obvious reason for installing metal farm gates is that metal gates are sturdy. Sturdy gates mean that neither the predators will be able to force inside nor your livestock will be able to break through the gate. Also, metal gates are durable and last for many years after you install them.

You can easily install locks for an increased protection on the metal gates. This will keep your property safe along with the livestock. Metal gates are easy to clean and maintain. You can adjust metal gates better than wooden gates because of the hinges in the gates.

There is only one con of installing metal gates and that is weight of the gates. Metal gates are much heavier than timber gates and hence, you may have difficulty in installing hanging gates.

Timber Gates For Your Farm:

Wood is much cheaper in comparison to metal. Hence, timber gates are less expensive. You can maneuver timber gates to whichever size you want by simply cutting and resizing the material. While you can keep the timber gate as it is for natural look, you can also pain it to whatever color you like.

However, there are many reasons why we suggest metal farm gates over wooden gates. Wooden gates are not durable. You can damage the gate if you accidentally hit it with a vehicle.  Also, if you have large livestock, they may break through the wooden gates if the gates are quite old. You know that wood absorbs moisture and swell. Humid weather or rainy season can damage the wooden gates. As a result, you will have to install new gates once again and this will be expensive.

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