What Are the Benefits of Automating Steel Pipe Farm Gates?

steel pipe farm gates

Whether you have acres of livestock facilities or a horse stable, any good farmer knows the importance of farm gates and containment products. Steel pipe farm gates have been popular for decades but now there’s a new contender in the market, namely automated gating systems.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Farm Gates?

Livestock Protection

An automated farm gate does a great job of keeping farm animals well within the limits of the property. From pastures to training grounds, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your animals are safe. They also keep the predators out. Idaho farmers are most concerned about grizzly bears and mountain lions, both of which can be kept safely away from the farm animals with automated gating systems. In addition to farm animals and predators, it also keeps your farmhouse, barns, and equipment safe from unwelcome trespassers. What’s more, you can control you gate from any corner of the world!


Many people see automating their steel pipe farm gates as a way to safely regulate the comings and goings of visitors on their property. Automated gates also deter vandals and intruders with malicious intent from entering your property.

Curb Appeal

The final advantage of having automated gates at your farm is the boost in curb appeal that follows. If you are a little savvy, you can also consider completing the modern look with matching signage overhead. You can let your gate set the tone for what your farm has to offer.

Can You DIY Automation into Existing Steel Pipe Farm Gates?

Many of us shy away from introducing automation into our farm gates because it seems like too costly an expedition. But did you know that any existing gating infrastructure can be upgraded into an automated gate? You can simply purchase a gate installation kit from a trusted automatic gating company and DIY the installation. Of course, the kit will come with detailed instructions. This way you also save the labor costs on an electrician.

Why Should You Choose Solar Energy Operated Gates?

Since most farms are located in rural areas, it is important that the gates operate on solar energy. This ensures that the gates function properly even without a nearby power source for miles. In recent times, the solar power industry has seen exponential growth. Its monocrystalline panels make sure that it generates enough energy to power the gates even during extended periods of cloud cover.

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