The Conventional and The Modern Options for Pipe Bollards

pipe bollard

Oftentimes we notice the short posts that are erected in a way that they create a protective perimeter. Many of the times the posts are placed in a way that they provide a guide for road traffic. These are generally pipe bollards that are customized so that these can be used as visual stands for pedestrians and drivers.
The bollards can also be placed in a way that it stops any vehicle from invading the pedestrian’s lane and hence, stop any accident from happening. Since, the bollards are designed to offer protection from the maximum possible impact, these are generally made of steel. But the material can change depending on the type of usage and can vary from being concrete to stone to any other metal and even plastic.


As mentioned before, pipe bollards are generally used to manage pedestrians as well as vehicles. These not only keep the foot traffic separate from the road traffic, but also makes the landscape look better. The bollards are used in apartment complexes to make the building secure. In some instances, bollards are placed near swimming pools, warehouses, factories, and similar places where extra protection is needed.

Types of Bollards:

There are different types of pipe bollards to choose from:

• Embedded bollards:

Bollards made out of steel or concrete are embedded into the ground and is covered with soil. The steel bollard or concrete bollard creates a strong foundation, which will make the pipe bollards long-lasting.

• Retractable:

Sometimes, to keep an area prohibited or protected for a few days, there might be a need of installing bollards temporarily. In that case, retractable bollards come handy. These are easy to install and remove. Also, these are less expensive than permanent bollards.

• Mounted bollards:

In some cases, the pipe bollards are suspended from the roof. However, this is not a safe choice as the anchors can be weak and that can lead to accidents.

Alternative to Steel Bollards:

Steel, concrete or wood have been a choice for traditional bollards for so many years. Even though these are strong, installing the bollards can be time consuming and difficult. Also, it is not easy to move or relocate the traditional bollards as these are embedded in the ground.
There are companies that are moving away from the traditional approach and accepting updated bollards. The new steel bollards have concrete anchors that are easy to install and durable. The zinc plating over the steel bollards makes them look expensive and prevents corrosion. Bison Pipe in OKC is one of the suppliers that are providing alternative pipe bollards in the area.