A Comprehensive Price Guide To Fencing From Supplies To Installation

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Fencing your property comes with so many benefits. It improves your space by adding privacy and security. It’s safe for kids and you can finally let the dogs out.

On average, it can cost you anywhere from $1600 to $5000 to fence your property but it is possible we are off the mark. Do remember we did our best to calculate an estimate keeping in mind a number of variables (type of fence supply, perimeter etc).

It is quite an investment to make, and it can be difficult to figure out the money part. In this article, we help you navigate the roadmap of fencing expenses.

Fencing Price Chart

Cost per Linear Foot by Material

  • Wire Fence – $1 to $4
  • Chain-link fence – $12 to $33
  • Wooden Fence – $14 to $31
  • Vinyl fence – $17 to $38
  • Composite fence – $26 to $57
  • Aluminum fence – $27 to $55
  • Wrought iron fence – $28 to $56

Cost per Linear Foot by Fence Type/Style

  • Ranch fence – $11 to $24
  • Privacy fence – $14 to $36
  • Board on board fence (or Shadowbox fence) – $16 to $24
  • Picket fence – $18 to $33

Factors Affecting Fencing Costs

Size and Perimeter

The first point is of course the size or perimeter of your property. The larger your space is the more fence supply, time, and labor it needs. Bust out the measuring equipment (actually no, just ask a surveyor) and do the math. You should have your estimate.

Fence Supply Material

The material of your choice also plays a big part in deciding costs. Starting off from the least expensive wire fence, the better material you use the more you pay.

Fence Style

Some fence styles are harder to install than others. Some others use more material than others. Hence the difference in prices.


Usually, backyard fences are around 6 feet tall but there’s also an 8 feet option. For decorative fences the recommended height is 4 feet. To calculate the total cost for an 8 feet fence, first calculate the amount you would pay for the 6 feet variant. Then add 25% – 35% to the total. For a 4 feet fence, subtract the same amount.

Fence Gates

Depending on what kind of gate you want, expect to spend around $170 – $1200. An aluminum automatic driveway gate, for example is going to cost more than a simple wooden gate.


Fencing on uneven terrain means more work. The fencing process is more complicated (for example you may need to regrade the land). This can lead to a hefty influence on the cost.


Some municipalities require you to obtain a permit to be able to build a fence. Expect to pay anywhere around $20 to $400 for this.

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