3 Immensely Popular Irrigation Pipes in Agriculture

agricultural irrigation pipe

Agricultural irrigation pipes find their way into various small and big projects like rural water improvement, outdoor and indoor water supply in urban and rural regions, mine ventilation, farmland irrigation, and so on.

These pipe fixtures are essential for water transportation to the farms.

Agricultural irrigation procedures are mainly categorized as ordinary sprinkler irrigation, traditional surface irrigation, and micro-irrigation.

With the much-needed revolution in irrigation methods, the traditional methods are now being replaced by drip irrigation belts and micro-sprinkler belts. Now, it is time to explore the popular kinds of agricultural irrigation pipes.

Drip Irrigation Tapes

In this system, a plastic pipe is used for transporting water to the crops’ roots via a dripper or an orifice.

The drip irrigation tapes easily pass through the orifice and allow drop by drop dripping of water near the roots of the crop. These are further categorized into four parts: embedded cylindrical, patch-type belts, blue track belts, and labyrinth belts.

These are mainly used for growing crops in the greenhouse. They enhance the economic benefits, minimize pests and ailments, and help in saving pesticides and fertilizers.

Drip irrigation tapes are ideal for numerous kinds of field crops like Chinese herbal medicine, cotton, field vegetables, and watermelon. They are known to magnify the intensity of mechanized planting.

Micro Spray Belts

These agricultural irrigation pipes transport water to the field using micro-spray pipes and water pipes. Their outlet holes are generally blended with empty and multiple groups.

The arrangement is done as per a few rules and a certain distance, like oblique three holes, left and right holes, and so on. Mechanical drills (start-up punching, hole, laser drilling) are used for the outlet holes.

These irrigation pipes find their usage in mushrooms, vegetables, orchards, nurseries, greenhouse crops, and flowers.

PVC Irrigation Pipes

PVC Irrigation Pipes are the chief components of modern-day irrigation. The amount of water required mainly depends upon the soil and the specific moisture of crops.

These are more reliable for delivering the water according to the growth requirements of crops. They play a pivotal role in boosting crop yields.

Also, PVC pipes offer unmatched resistance to corrosion, alkali, and acid. This makes them ideal for the chemical industry.

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