Why Should You Get Steel Pipes for Fencing?

steel pipe for fencing

The various properties of steel, like its versatility, flexibility, durability, and, most of all, its widespread availability, make steel a great option for fencing purposes. Steel offers a huge array of possibilities that you would appreciate as a property owner looking for a little sprucing up in your standard fence design.

If you feel like you are on the fence about considering steel pipe for fencing, this blog could be exactly what you need to make a decision.

5 Advantages of Using Steel Pipes for Fencing

Better Durability

The real estate and construction industry has hailed steel fences because of the exceptional durability they impart to structures. To ensure that your fence stays strong and durable for the long run, get your steel pipe fence components from a supplier that has been in the industry for long enough. Bison Pipe and Supply is one of America’s leading suppliers of steel fencing and gates.

Steel outperforms all other commonly used materials for fences and enclosures. Hardwood fences, for instance, can be incorporated into both a modern and a rustic aesthetic, but sadly they are not very durable. Especially when subjected to neglect and harsh weather, wood comes undone pretty quickly. On the other hand, fences made of steel pipes offer better anti-corrosion properties along with a higher strength-to-weight ratio.


Steel pipes have a wider range of applications than just fencing. Fabrication, petrochemical plants, vehicle parts production, etc. are a few applications.

The chemical reaction between oxygen and iron present in steel does not allow the former to approach closely enough to trigger combustion.

In the unfortunate event, a fire occurs, steel offers fire resistance. The metal doesn’t burn, meaning it won’t serve as an additional source of ignition because it doesn’t burn. In such circumstances, the steel can halt the spread of the fire and protect other adjacent structures from being engulfed in the flames.

Improved Security

Steel pipes for fencing also keep the occupants and assets in the property well protected. If you were the homeowner, wouldn’t you feel safer knowing that your fencing is almost 100% impervious to trespassing and other security offenses? It is even truer for owners of industrial properties (ex – warehouses) who need fencing solutions that can protect their valuable goods and machinery while no one is around to attend to them.

Easy Maintenance

The only possible downside to building a steel fence is that it can be a tad bit expensive. But the extra bucks can be easily recovered from the low-maintenance design of steel fences. When coated with polymer or zinc, mill-finished steel evolves into a newer and better fence material that is reasonably easy to maintain.

To maintain its shine and refinement, steel can be cleaned with regular water. Use a clean towel and a light detergent and avoid strong chemicals.

Modern Designs

A fence is the outermost layer of your property. Nothing compares to standing out in your neighborhood with a well-made, swanky steel fence that captures the interest of every onlooker.

Steel fences have a simple, geometric design that adds a stylish quotient to any structure. To integrate the fences into your property’s aesthetic they could also be painted over or given a finish.

What Does Bison Pipe and Supply Do?

Bison Pipe Supply is one of the country’s most premier distributors of steel pipes. Conveniently located in the heart of Idaho, Jerome, we also supply steel containment solutions aka fences and gates.