Why Are Top Horse Breeders Switching to Steel Pipe Fencing?

steel pipe for fencing

When choosing the right fencing for your property, the debate often comes down to durability, cost, and safety. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, leaving many to wonder which material offers the best long-term value and protection. While initial appearances may lean towards more cost-effective solutions, a deeper look into maintenance, strength, and lifespan brings a clear contender to the forefront. For those prioritizing a blend of resilience and security, particularly for horse enclosures, steel pipe for fencing emerges as a superior choice, blending timeless strength with undeniable economic sense.

Financial Implications of Choosing Steel Pipe for Fencing

When considering the investment in fencing, steel pipe for fencing emerges as a notable option, despite its seemingly higher initial cost compared to steel board fencing. Opting for oilfield-sourced steel pipe can offer cost savings, balancing the initial financial layout. The process of cutting and welding does require time and effort; however, the end product is a robust and enduring steel pipe fence. Over time, the durability of steel pipe fencing justifies its cost, particularly when compared to alternatives like steel board fencing, which may incur lower upfront costs but higher maintenance and replacement expenses over time.

Considerations for Maintenance

Maintenance is a crucial aspect of fencing, and here, steel pipe for fencing shines again. Despite the possible need for repainting due to peeling or rust, the steel pipe fence’s longevity and resistance to severe conditions like rust-through make it a superior choice. Its robust nature reduces the frequency of repairs or replacements, ensuring that the fence remains a steadfast component of the landscape. In contrast, steel board fencing, despite its powder-coated finish, may demand more frequent upkeep, from paint touch-ups to dealing with structural issues like warping or sagging.

Prioritizing Horse Safety with Fencing Choices

Steel Pipe for Fencing – A Sturdy Choice for Horse Enclosures

When it comes to ensuring the safety of horses, steel pipe fencing presents a robust option. Despite its strength, it’s crucial to be aware of its thermal contraction, which might lead to gates unexpectedly opening due to latch disengagement. However, this issue can be mitigated with regular maintenance checks, ensuring the enclosure remains secure. The absence of break-away rails in steel pipe fences means there’s a lower risk of breakage but highlights the importance of implementing safe design practices to minimize the chance of horse injury upon impact.

Steel Board Fencing – Designed for Flexibility and Safety

Steel board fencing offers an alternative with its visible, smooth-edged posts and rails, designed to minimize injury risk to horses. Its structure allows for flexibility upon impact, potentially offering a safer environment for horses compared to the more rigid steel pipe fencing. However, the unique advantages of steel pipe for fencing in terms of durability and strength maintain its position as a formidable choice for horse enclosures.

Assessing Longevity and Maintenance

Durability of Steel Pipe Fencing

With a lifespan of approximately 25 years, steel pipe fencing stands as a durable option, albeit with maintenance requirements such as repainting and rust management. Its longevity, coupled with its strength, makes it a reliable choice for horse enclosures, ensuring a long-term solution for property owners.

The Endurance of Steel Board Fencing

While steel board fencing offers a commendable lifespan, enhanced by corrosion-resistant treatment and low maintenance needs, steel pipe for fencing remains a preferred choice for those prioritizing strength and durability. The commitment to maintaining steel pipe fencing ensures its longevity, reinforcing its status as a solid investment for horse safety and enclosure integrity.

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