Which Types of Pipes Are Suitable for a Sprinkler System?

pipes for irrigation

Sprinkler systems are a boon when it comes to watering large amounts of ground. In large industrial and commercial spaces, they are a huge time saver instead of employing humans. However, choosing the suitable types of pipes for irrigation in a sprinkler system is the key to actual effectiveness.

Keep in mind that various types of irrigation pipes are available in the market, but three types are mainly used- copper, steel and plastic. Read this article to find out which types of pipes are suitable for a sprinkler system.


Polyethylene pipes are mainly used in sprinkler systems because of their high-pressure rating. The rating system is basically a measurement of pressure-bearing load. Some particular environmental conditions require flexible pipes that can adjust to any changes.

For example, in cold climates, the soil becomes frozen. In that case, installing Polyethylene pipes for the irrigation system will be the best decision you have ever made. This type of pipe can adjust to any environment quickly.

Steel Pipes for Irrigation System

In general, steel pipes are available in two forms in the market- galvanized and black. You can choose either of them because both are made of steel. But you should choose the galvanized one due to its zinc coated features which protect the pipes from corrosion. If you live in a humid area, galvanizing would be a far better option than just black steel pipes for an irrigation system.

Steel pipes are used widely in most industries because of their durability, longevity, and fire resistance features. Remember that everything in this world has an expiry date. The same goes for steel pipes. Regardless of the quality, you may notice erosion in the pipes after a decade or two. Therefore, you must hire experts to inspect the pipes every year to keep such problems at bay.

As per the market research, steel pipes are expensive compared to other types of irrigation pipes. But the product is worth the money because it lasts longer than a decade and you don’t need to repair it quite often.

PVC Pipes

You can also use PVC pipes for the irrigation system. They are available in schedules 40 and 80. Among these two types, schedule 80 is more robust. Before choosing the schedule, you should analyze the existing factors. Since strength creates a difference between these two, you should choose one of them as per your demand.

Also, remember that warm temperatures are not suitable for using PVC pipes. PVC should be used in winter temperatures where UV rays don’t impact the quality of pipes quickly. In addition, schedule 80 is basically for industrial purposes and schedule 40 is perfect for house applications.

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