What Should You Ask Before You Choose Fencing Material For Your Need?

steel pipe for fencing

Are you planning to install a new fence or upgrade your fencing? Have you ever pondered over the importance of choosing the right fence? There are different reasons why you may require a fence. You may breed livestock, and you would like to keep them safe. Or else, you may want to protect your property from intruders. Whatever the reason might be, installing a fence offers you protection and safety.

Hence, it is crucial that you install steel pipes for fencing because they are the strongest option available. However, you may need to customize the type of fence you install depending on your need. So, let us look at the available kind of fences that you should invest in.

Categories of Fences:

With so many choices of fences, it is easier to get confused. Hence, we are here to help you with the different categories of fences that you can install:

  • Steel pipe fences: When we say steel pipe fences, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the fence installed around a horse farm. Even though most livestock farmers used wooden fence in the past, more and more people are shifting towards steel pipe for fencing for its durability.
  • Woven wire: Woven wire fencing is also one of the most common fences that you may find in the livestock farming industry. Since the wires are woven with each other in a checkered pattern, this is ideal for small livestock such as poultry, pigs, etc.
  • Hightensile fencing: When you install wires within two poles and create high tension to keep the wire straight, it is known as high-tensile fencing. You will like this type of fencing if you are looking for a low-maintenance fence that is quick to construct.
  • Barbed wire: We do not recommend installing barbed wire fencing for livestock as the protruding ends of the wire may hurt the animals. Instead, this type of fencing is an excellent choice to protect your property from intruders.
  • Electric fences: Many of you might know about the availability of electric steel pipe for fencing,but you may not feel safe choosing it. However, electric fences are not lethal. It neither hurts you nor your livestock. But it provides a mild jolt when the animals come in contact with the fence.

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