What Are Pipe Bollards and Why Are They So Important?

pipe bollard

Steel bollards are actually pretty common in certain industries, but very few people outside the circle are aware of their characteristics and applications. Pipe bollards are pillars made of steel and occasionally aluminum. They are used to block sidewalks and storefront entrances. Steel bollards can be used to create attractive and well-designed blockades and are often considered street furniture. Pipe bollards aren’t necessarily meant to be very conspicuous, and most people don’t notice them on the sidewalk. However, the concept has more to it than you might realize at first. We listed some of the most important reasons to install steel bollards on the street.

1. Safety and Security

Businesses and stores install steel bollards in front of their premises as an anti-ram preventive measure. Not only do the bollards keep cars from intruding on the front of the property, but they also generally enhance security by discouraging burglaries and potential breaches.

Steel bollards are also used to provide better security to pedestrians. Despite the fact that car accidents can happen at any moment, bollards can deter a car from entering a pedestrian-only area. Mostly found in public squares, college campuses, and city halls, they are a simple and effective approach to keep cars out of undesirable places without becoming an eyesore or an obstruction like a fence.

2. Aesthetic Purposes

Decorative steel bollards can be used by store owners as part of an architectural theme. Owners can utilize these barriers to decorate spaces uniformly or to spruce up dreary storefronts.

Pipe bollards are frequently used to define boundaries and draw attention to nearby structures. They are very common in urban regions since they can give a lot of charm to a streetscape.

3. Control Traffic

Steel bollards are frequently used to direct traffic and confine vehicles to specific areas of the road. In the absence of bollards, vehicles can run the curbs to evade traffic jams or irrationally overtake other drivers. The number of accidents can be significantly decreased by using bollards to control traffic, both for vehicles and for pedestrians. It is advantageous for many highways as a result.

4. Marking and Visual Containment

Steel bollards can even be used to draw attention to your storefront since many of them are considered landmarks. In fact, businesses with distinctive blockades frequently serve as meeting places. That encourages more people to visit a store.

Creating a zone of visual containment is another way you can use pipe bollards. Bollards placed along the sidewalks may hinder people from walking on the curb and encourage them to stay off it. Do not mistake it for Steel bollards reducing the amount of space on the roadway; rather, they establish a visible limit that is greater than the height of the curb. Steel bollards are also manufactured in custom designs for large sites that want a unique look.

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