Things to Look for While Choosing Right Irrigation Pipes

agricultural irrigation pipe

If you are a farmer, you might know only which systems can be used for which applications. Agricultural irrigation pipes play a vital role in irrigation as every crop needs proper water to grow. Farm irrigation can never be complete without the right kind of pipe fitting in the field.
As a farmer, it is important to understand that if you don’t use a suitable pipe, the irrigation process will fail, and the crops might not yield. Most farmers use two types of irrigation systems: drip irrigation systems and micro-sprinklers. Water transportation can happen easily if the equipment is fitted properly. Look for these things while choosing the suitable pipe for your field and help grow your crops.

Types of Pipe for Irrigation

A farmer should know about the available agricultural irrigation pipe systems in the market. Every irrigation pipe has different grades, which need to be considered before taking the final call. You also have to consider the type of soil the pipe will be used in and the inclination of the land. If your irrigation field is smaller, then the micro-irrigation application system is right for you. The water pipe is fitted to the sprinklers, which help to spread the water over the field. This kind of pipes will provide moisture to the soil.

Another kind of agricultural irrigation pipe is the drip irrigation pipe. It looks like tubing, which can be placed both above and below the ground. You will also get drip tapes known to be the narrowest pipe.

Characteristics to Look for

  • You need to notice whether the thickness of the pipe is even in all places. Some pipes often have certain manufacturing defects, which make them uneven in certain areas.
  • The agricultural irrigation pipes need to be appropriately cleaned to keep it in good shape. Ensure that the pipes do not have any bad smell that can make the water contaminated. Some tubes that are made from recycled material such as waste dumps can cause such issues.
  • Another important thing for your pipe is to have a smooth appearance; it should not have any bumps in it.
  • You also have to see that the quality of the pipe is good and also suitable for the kind of irrigation you are doing.

Things to Consider

There are certain things you have to consider before buying an agricultural irrigation pipe. What are they?
The amount of pressure the pipe has to endure

  • If the tube can withstand solar radiation
  • The amount of temperature the tube is capable to withstand
  • How much load can the pipe handle if it is placed under-ground

Which Material to Choose?

There are many different materials that you can get for your agricultural irrigation pipe. Here are some examples of such pipes:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Ceramic

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