The Importance of Choosing the Right Pipe for Fencing

steel pipe for fencing

Buying pipes for fencing is not easy these days. If you google it, then various websites claim that they provide the strongest pipe at the lowest pipe in the country. They also offer a dizzying array of choices. There is no guarantee of quality and you can get used, rejected and secondary pipe which is claimed as a new one.

You may also get various options like a new reject and new seconds that make no sense at all. After searching for a lot, the question remains the same – how you can select the perfect steel pipe for fencing needs.

What Are Better – New or Used Pipes?

There are various used pipes which you can purchase easily and it looks like a new one sometimes. Another advantage of used pipes is that you can get them at a cheaper price than usual. But keep one thing in mind you should not inspect it too closely. You may notice that the used pipes are lighter than the new ones. The reason behind that is that the old pipes used oilfields and it is not fit for use right now.

People pump a huge amount of saltwater along with acid daily. You should not prefer how these used pipes look because these pipes may have poor wall thickness often. Aside from that, you should also give importance to the longevity of a pipe if you want to use it for fencing.

Used steel pipes do not last for a lifetime. Indeed, there is not much difference between used and new steel pipes. You should give importance to longevity and value while purchasing pipes.

New Pipes- Is It Really New?

When we see pipes in a new category, we think it is just manufactured and ready to use. But the fact is that vendors do not describe their products in a straight way always. In general, there are three categories under new pipes. The following are good, secondary and rejected.

Actual good pipes have no un-welded seams, no holes and are straight. Secondary pipes are also new but may have some minor cosmetic flaws. Reject pipes have multiple defects such as un-welded seams and bows. Keep in mind that the quality will vary from mill to mill because every mill has its criteria.

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