The Decision-Making Moment of Choosing Between Old and New Oil Pipes

used oilfield pipe

While looking for an ideal oil pipe in the market, you may be going through endless questions and confusion. There is no denying that you will get a wide variety of options. But what would denote the best decision-making moment of your life? Come, let us explore!

Several clients had faced the same dilemma of choosing new and used oilfield pipes. However, they got the most effective and budget-friendly solutions with our professional assistance. Furthermore, they made us realize why we should keep up the remarkable work of providing excellence. Don’t worry, as we will keep no stone unturned and share everything you need to know.

How Important Is the Pipe’s Age?

Many people hold the belief that older pipes are susceptible to corrosion. However, this is no longer a problem due to the evolution of the manufacturing process. This modernization brought the hope of outstanding quality in used oilfield pipes.

Manufacturers have started implementing the “Continuous Mandrel” method for constructing pipes since the mid-90s. This process involves penetrating hot metal cylinders and passing rigid bars through the middle. It was a helpful move in maintaining the consistency of diameters throughout the pipe’s length.

Exploring the Benefits of this Procedure

The Continuous Mandrel method paved the way for multiple benefits, including precise formation with fewer substances, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional thickness. Furthermore, older pipes got the assurance of better width and longevity. They also developed the ability to endure more corrosion without compromising the inner walls.

Other Considerations to Make

Undoubtedly, the budget factor of older pipes acts as a primary attention grabber. While working on a tight budget, many people overlook other crucial factors.

Inspection is a mandatory action to ensure acceptable tolerance levels. The common factors to consider before buying old pipes are the material’s condition, the extent of the corrosion, regular maintenance, recoating costs (if required), and the risk of leakage.

Having a Look at the New Pipes

Although the new pipes seem to offer long-lasting benefits, the luster of the metal often fools the people. On top of that, they will cost you more money.

Who Wins the Battle?

Used oilfield pipes appear as the best options, saving you money in the long run and offering numerous benefits. Although the newer ones may seem attractive, they might not give you the satisfaction the older counterparts contribute.

Loading Toughness on Your Priority Bucket

Bison Pipe introduces the convenience of the used, new, and surplus steel pipes for structural and industrial needs. Our team takes every important step to assure excellence on your upcoming project. Begin the journey of toughness with us!