Pipe Bollards: A Holistic Guide to In-Ground Safety

pipe bollard

Are you ready to discover the unsung heroes of safety and security? It is an in-ground safety bollard. These unassuming structures are critical in protecting people and property by providing a physical barrier against vehicle collisions and unwanted access.
And when it comes to in-ground safety bollards, pipe bollard is the top choice for their aesthetics and high-end security.
Delve into the blog to learn what in-ground safety bollards are, why you need them, the availability of multiple sizes and why paying attention to ASTM ratings is essential. So, let’s get started!

Deriving the Meaning of In-Ground Safety Bollards

In-ground safety bollards are vertical posts installed into the ground, creating a physical barrier against vehicle collisions and unwanted access. They are usually made of steel or concrete to withstand high impacts. These bollards come in different shapes, sizes and styles, allowing them to blend seamlessly with their surroundings while providing the necessary protection.

Aesthetics or High-End Security: Why You Need Pipe Bollard

When discussing in-ground safety bollards, pipe bollards are a popular choice for aesthetics and high-end security. They are cylindrical posts made of steel and their sleek design makes them an excellent choice for locations that require both safety and style. They are often used to protect storefronts, buildings and other public spaces while maintaining the area’s aesthetic appeal.
These bollards also offer high-end security features, making them ideal for government buildings, military installations and high-security areas. They work as a protected shield to withstand high impacts, making them an effective barrier against vehicle collisions and other unwanted access attempts.

Availability of Multiple Sizes

In-ground safety bollards come in different sizes, depending on their intended use. Here are the most common sizes available in the market:

  • 4-Inch Bollards

These bollards protect sidewalks, pathways and other pedestrian areas. They provide a low-profile barrier that doesn’t obstruct the view while providing the necessary protection.

  • 6-Inch Bollards

Installing these bollards in parking lots is the best, especially with vehicular traffic. They are sturdy enough to withstand low-speed collisions and provide a visible barrier to prevent vehicles from straying into pedestrian areas.

  • 8-Inch Bollards

These bollards are suitable for areas that require a higher level of security, such as government buildings or military installations. They are sturdy enough to withstand high-speed collisions and provide a visible barrier to prevent vehicle accidents.

  • 10-Inch Bollards

They are the largest and most robust in the market. They can bear the most severe impacts, making them ideal for areas that require maximum security, such as airports or power plants.

Paying Attention to ASTM-Rating: What’s the Need?

When purchasing in-ground safety bollards, paying attention to their ASTM rating is crucial. ASTM International is an organization that develops and publishes technical standards for a wide range of products, including safety pipe bollards. Their rating system ensures that the bollards have undergone testing and received certifications to withstand specific impact forces, ensuring their effectiveness in preventing vehicle collisions and other unwanted access.
Bollards that are ASTM-rated provide additional safety and security, giving peace of mind to property owners and users. The rating system helps ensure that the bollards you purchase meet the necessary safety standards and withstand the impact forces specific to your intended use.

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