Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Cattle Fencing

pipe fencing for cattle

Whether you are a new generation farmer or if you have inherited your livestock business, you will know the importance of livestock fencing. Fences are extremely important if you want to maintain your farm. Proper pipe fencing for cattle does not only keep your livestock inside the boundary, but also protects them from predators. However, there are some common mistakes that you may make while putting up your fence. Let’s take a look at those mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Not Setting The Corner Posts Correctly:

Just like how you set up pillars before constructing a building, you need to set up the corner posts before putting up pipe fencing for cattle. The corner posts hold the fencing wires in place. Depending on the type of fencing you choose, you need to select the right corner post. For example, barbed wire fencing will require corner posts that will have 6-inches diameter. Also, make sure to bury the corner posts at least 3.5 feet deep so that the posts can hold the ground tightly.

Improper Spacing Between The Posts:

When installing pipe fencing for cattle, you might think that installing a few extra t-posts will help you in making the fence stronger. It is true that the t-posts offer more support. But if you install the t-posts too close to each other, the purpose gets deflected. The distance between the t-posts depends on the type of fencing you choose. While the distance for barbed wire fencing can be 16-16.5 feet, you will have to increase the distance to 100 feet in case of electric wires.

Unplanned Fence Lines:

You may already know that it takes time and proper planning to install pipe fencing for cattle or any type of fencing. But sometimes you may make a decision in haste. As a result, you may not get enough time to properly plan how you want to place your fencing.
You must remember that once you install fencing for cattle, it will last you many years. Unplanned installation may lead to a situation when you would have to pull up the posts and redo the fencing. This means more expense than you have estimated.

Do It The Right Way:

Before you get started, contact a professional fencing infrastructure provider such as Bison Pipes in OKC. Talk to your provider about the type of fencing you need. Make sure that the posts are placed maintaining proper distance. Your cattle are not the only deciding factor when it comes to choosing the type of fence. Keep in mind the type of predators you want to keep at bay as well.