Metal Vs. Plastic Pipes: Which One Is the Best?

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You must have seen places where they have used metal pipes and others where plastic pipes are utilized. Both these options are common and the most preferred option among people. But as soon as someone thinks of changing their plumbing line or building a new one, they need clarification about which one to choose.

The industrial piping company can help you understand which one is the best option for you. The material for any pipe should be chosen according to what is being used. The pipe’s ability can help you decide if you need that pipe for your work. Many other factors also need to be considered while choosing a material. Some contractors choose plastic for its low price, while others choose metal for its strength. Let’s, discuss all the pros and cons of both materials.

Metal Pipes

When it comes to an industrial piping company, metal pipes are one of their top choices. This is because these kinds of lines provide a lot of advantages. Here are some different types of metal pipes available

Black Steel- You might have heard about black steel pipes that are mainly used to transport water and gas. You will see these pipes in the countryside and cities, which are used to transport high-pressure steam. If you are wondering where the black color comes from, the iron oxide coating gives it its color.

Galvanized Steel- According to an industrial piping company, these pipes can provide you with many advantages, such as high corrosion and rust-resistant ability and more. These pipes are primarily used in plumbing as they can last for almost 30 years.


The main advantage of a metal pipe is that it can last for a long time. Another excellent quality is that it can be easily used to transport water and in the marine industry for its corrosion-resistant ability. It also can bend, and it does not break if it is ever under pressure.

Plastic pipes

The industrial piping company says that plastic pipe can also be a great option if you choose the piping material. Plastic pipes result from building a material that can give all possible advantages. Here are some types of plastic pipes:

CPVC- This kind of PVC pipe has chlorine infused in it. They have high heat resistance and also have the ability to resist fire.

PVC- This is the best choice for any industrial piping company as it is low-cost and can be easily installed. Although for outdoor PVC lines that are buried, proper maintenance should be done or else it can collapse.


It is easy to mold plastic pipes and also very easy to install. You can shape and form plastic pipes according to your need, which will cost you less than other options.


The biggest con of PVC piping is that you cannot use it as a hot water line as it can’t hold out against very hot temperature. Due to the same reason, such pipes cannot be used for supplying hot drinking water which is needed for the chilly Oklahoman weather.

Choose wisely

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