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How to Choose the Perfect Fence:

  1. Don't, there isn’t one.
  2. But there is one that is as close as I can make it.

When choosing a fence, seldom is there one that is perfect for any and all uses, but for containment, I believe there is an option that will fit the bill for 90% of the fencing you need to do.

First of all, it holds in all kinds of critters from goats, cattle and horses. Second, it is safe for your critters. Third, it holds up and looks good long into the life cycle of the fence.

The first ingredient Stay-Tuff wire 1348-3 This is a high Tensile fixed knot wire. Why fixed knot? Because fixed knot won’t break at the welds as the wire is used, installed or tested by your animal.

Stay-Tuff is a super High Tensile wire capable of being pulled tighter than standard high tensile wire fences allow you to pull the wire tight and keep it tight. That keeps it safe!

This wire needs to be installed with special tools that allow for the proper stretch and tension on the wire. Next, we use a heavy duty high tensile steel pipe post made of used oilfield pipe that has chemical properties that resist corrosion. The secret to the package is then to put a top rail at just the top of the wire so that you can attach the wire to the top rail eliminating the possibility of sagging or drooping of the wire fence over the life of the product. This creates a fencing system that is virtually bulletproof for animal control. It is super strong, super safe and good looking.

You can place your posts on 8’,10’ or 12’ centers but we usually don’t recommend over 12’ centers on your posts. If you want to and an ounce more protection you can add a bump rail.

A bump rail is a rail halfway up the fence about hip high on steers It just keeps them off the fence but with Stay Tuff, it is so strong it is not required.

This fence is a lifetime fence, that is about 51” tall (just right for leaning on and admiring your stead or cow) that becomes a system that is impassable by most animals.

Hope that helps, I have used this system myself for years and It is a big relief knowing what you put in your corral is going to stay there!

If you have any questions just give us a call!