4 Facts to Know about Agriculture Irrigation Pipes

agricultural irrigation pipe

When it comes to assessing the success of any farm, agricultural irrigation pipes play a pivotal role. The connecting function is what makes them essentially important. The irrigation system can work best only when you use the best agricultural piping.

Just like drainage and fertilization, farm irrigation is equally essential. The main purpose of these pipes is to convey water from the source to the specific sectors of the farm.

Here are four facts that everyone should know about agricultural irrigation pipes:

An Agricultural Piping Network Consists of Various Things

When it comes to making a farm irrigation system, there are many components such as water source, pump, filter and regulator to consider. The piping connects all the parts properly to deliver water as well as nutrients to the crops effectively.

Materials of Irrigation Pipe

A number of factors will help you decide which material to use regarding agricultural irrigation piping. For example, what temperature can it endure? Does the material withstand solar radiation? How much load can it handle? These are the questions that you should ask to A provider while selecting the material.

The Size of the Irrigation Pipe

Although irrigation pipes come in multiple diameters, thickness and lengths, optimal dimension will largely depend upon the size of the farm and the amount of water it requires. Apart from that, the condition of the ground and purpose play a pivotal role.

Surface Water

Since surface water is available in two basic forms: ponds and rivers, make sure the farm is located near the streams, so that it can get easy access.

Most of the time, it’s the farm ponds that make up for a considerable amount of irrigation water. And the size of the pond will largely depend on the number of acres needed to be irrigated.

If your existing pond is not adequate to fulfill all the water needs of the irrigation system, installing a well or pump should be a good idea. By discharging the well water to the pond, you will be able to maintain its water level.

Find the Pipe You need

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