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Steel Jack Fence

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“Jack Fence” by Bison Pipe and Supply, as it is called by the Bureau of Land Management, is a steel, modular, non-combustible, self-supporting fencing system. It can be used in a variety of soil types and in a multitude of conditions.  It is not a panel , but a standing unit.


Heavy-Strength Steel * Maintenance Free * No-Weld Installation

Permanent or Portable * One-Time Investment

Non-Combustible * Built in USA * CCR Certified

Meets Fish, Wildlife & Game Department Standards & Specs

Low Visual Impact * Custom Options

Adaptable To Any Terrain * Low Installation Costs

Easy to Move * Safe and Able to Install Any Time of Year


Riparian Recovery Areas * Spring Recovery

Aspen Grove Recovery Areas * Trail Management

Cattle Containment * Wild Horse Containment

Guzzler Containment * Portable Equine Containment

Portable Barricades * Hunting Camp Corrals

Portable Branding Pen * Portable Livestock Containment

In Use By:

B L M, US Fish & Wildlife Service, several Native American Tribes, State Departments of Natural Resources, and State Departments of Game & Fish Habitat, among others.

To Get Started:
Simple drawing of the enclosure

Try to get an idea of terrain within the enclosure

Total area needed to contain or lineal feet needed

Crossings?  Roads? Trapezoid Area?

Call Darren Sparks, our Jack Leg Fence expert, and he can figure out the details for you!

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